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Bursary Programme

Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders: The PPS Foundation’s Bursary Programme Thrives in 2022.

Their support has been tremendous, and I am confident in their ability to help others in similar situations.

Charlize Dormehl

Bursary Beneficiary

I have been on a remarkable journey with the PPS Foundation. They have supported me since the early stages of my tertiary education, offering invaluable assistance along the way. I faced a funding shortfall during my final year of study for my BSc in Human Physiology and a bursary was the only way forward for any further studies. I wanted to enter the highly competitive field of medicine. The relief of having the financial burden lifted meant that i could focus solely on my studies.

The PPS Foundation provided the support i needed by alleviating finacial strain while I completed my BSc degree. They are now covering the substantial cost of my medical studies. Inspired by the Foundations commitment to nurturing the potential of the youth, I joined an initiative that helps students to prepare for entrance exams at no cost. This initiative has now grown to benefit over 2000 students. It brings me immense satisfaction to be part of making a difference.

As some people, even friends, doubted that I would get into medical school, I took ownership of my dreams, using this little boost in self-assurance to motivate me to study. I approached tasks step-by-step to avoid being overwhelmed and concentrated on accomplishing small goals at a time. I held onto the belief that hard work and dedication yields results, which it did.

Knowing that difficult times are just a temporary phase, served as a crucial motivator. I persevered, believing that my efforts would be worthwhile. Despite initial doubts, I had the valuable support of family and friends. Having a study buddy with a similar schedule kept us both accountable and motivated.

My advice to other students is to make efficient use of free time by spending long breaks in the library and prioritising self-care when needed.

I have no reservations in recommending the PPS Foundation to students that need financial assistance. Their support has been tremendous and I am confident in their ability to help others in similar situations. Seeking help early on and reaching out for assistance is essential. Whether through face-to-face or email communication, someone is always willing to listen and guide you in the right direction. I believe in the fact that everything in life is temporary, the difficult times will pass, and the hard work will be worth it. Through it all, the PPS Foundation provided invaluable assistance for which I will be eternally grateful.

R.L White once said, “A dream delayed is not a dream denied”, which I agree with fully. You will reap what you sow, and if you put in the hard work, it eventually pays off.

the PPS Foundation and PPS Healthcare provided life-changing support by offering me a bursary in my third year.

Musa Ndaba

Bursary Beneficiary

The transition from high school to university evoked a range of contradicting emotions in me. It was a blend of fear and excitement, but I was driven by my desire for personal growth and extending my knowledge. My goal was to become a well-seasoned, intuitive, and smart healthcare professional, leaving Wits with the experience of a lifetime, a degree in medicine, and other non-academic skills that would allow me to put my best foot forward in life in general.

I had to finance my first two years on my own. The weight of my financial obligations was immensely stressful. The constant worry of covering fees and the fear of being unable to register for the next academic year were disheartening. Fortunately, the PPS Foundation and PPS Healthcare Administrators provided life-changing support by offering me a bursary in my third year. In fact, my experience with both organisations has been nothing short of a miracle and a blessing! Their commitment to supporting students in various ways beyond finances helped shaped me professionally. Their unwavering commitment and communication lifted my fears, allowing me to focus on my studies without the burden of debt.

The assistance from the PPS Foundation went beyond finances, instilling in me a sense of responsibility to give back. I now dedicate my spare time to tutoring, mentoring, assisting with financial applications and contributing to outreach programmes. I firmly believe in the power of ‘paying it forward’ regardless of one’s financial means. For me, it’s in the little ways I can be of help and assistance to those around me right now, rather than something in the far future where you wait until having the finances.

Reflecting on my journey, I wish I had known to start the application process early and seek guidance from seniors and finance offices. Maintaining my hope and perseverance was crucial at the time, as hard work and consistency lead to positive outcomes.

Additionally, confiding in trusted individuals provided solace and support. The support of the PPS Foundation also empowered me to help others. I have learned very valuable lessons. My advice to others is to never lose hope. Things do find a way of working out, especially if you keep working hard and achieving the marks you need to. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had and remain committed to making a positive impact on others as I continue my journey.

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