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Why is a will important?

When to consider updating your will?

You determine the legacy you want to leave

You decide who will inherit in terms of your estate

You appoint the executor of your choice

You decide who will be the guardian of your minor children

You avoid unnecessary delays in the administration of your estate

You can minimise estate duty taxes 

Change in your life stage

Change in marital status

Birth or death of an heir

Change in your net worth

Change in your health status

Change in your employ

Services available to address your unique needs

Will Drafting

Will Drafting

Professional will drafting service to ensure your assets devolve in terms of your wishes at death

Estate Admistration

Estate Administration

Administration of your estate in terms of your wishes

Estate and Legacy

Estate Planning

A structured and comprehensive plan for the accumulation, preservation and distribution of your assets

Safe guard

Safe Custody

Safe keeping of your will against theft, fire or water damage

Saving and Investment

Beneficiary Trust Care

Approved and unapproved administration of death benefits payable to minor beneficiaries and dependants


Trust Services

Drafting and administration of a trust that suits your needs and those of your beneficiaries

Estate Motivation Heading
Why PPS?

Trusted brand with 78 years of Heritage

Professional solutions specific to your particular circumstances

Comprehensive financial & estate plan

Access to highly skilled fiduciary specialists

Competitive, well priced offering

Estate Factors Heading
Factors to consider when undertaking a will

Liquidity needs

Costs associated with death

Marital status

Age of beneficiaries

Need to establish a trust (protection)

Maintenance or divorce obligations

Business succession planning

Donations tax

Need for liquidity in an estate

VAT at 15%

Executor fees 3,5% plus 6% on income

Conveyancing fees

Bond cancellation fees

Master’s fees

Postages, petties, advertisement costs

Settlement of liabilities

Accrual claims

Capital gains tax

Income tax

Estate duty

Insurance costs, license fees

Publications, Brochures and Articles

Insight into our philosophy and holistic service offering.

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