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Listen to what some of our members have to say

Karien Schoeman

Ms Karien Schoeman was a child counsellor. An unfortunate turn of events after a routine dental procedure left her unable to continue her profession.

Varsha Padayachee

Dr Varsha Padayachee is an healthcare practitioner. After a procedure, which caused a severe allergic reaction which affected her physical appearance, she spoke to us.

JB Erasmus

JB Erasmus was an advocate with an illustrious career and a healthy lifestyle. After a serious bout of pneumonia led to a surgery which culminated in him losing a part of his lung, he couldn’t perform his duties in the way he was previously able to.

Leon Visser

Leon Visser is an arborist with a passion for trees. An accident during a carpentry project led to him losing four fingers and he then had to reevaluate his hobbies.

Liane Heymans

When Liane was paralysed in an accident at the age of 25, her ability to support herself was in doubt.

Vaughan Rimbault

Vaughan understood his career had risks, so he made sure his income was covered in case of an accident.

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