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Ensure your legacy is protected

PPS Life Cover is a lump-sum benefit that pays out to the cessionary, nominated beneficiaries or estate, should you pass away. The payout can be used to settle debts, provide for your dependants and ensure liquidity in your estate.

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Why should you consider PPS Life Cover?

No limits to your cover.

PPS will cover any amount based on your individual needs.

Change occupations

If you change occupation, your life cover will remain in place, irrespective of your new occupation.

Immediate accidental death cover

Immediate accidental death cover, while your application is being assessed.


Direct allocation to the PPS Profit-Share Account™.

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With PPS life cover, the following additional benefits are automatically included, at no cost.

Immediate Needs benefit

Up to R50 000, payable to your nominated beneficiaries within 48 hours of the submission of a valid death certificate.

Terminal Illness benefit

Pays out 50% of the life cover if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and likely to die within the next 12 months.

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Additional benefits

Accelerated Disability Cover

Pays out a portion of your life cover should you become unable to carry out your profession, based on the selected disability cover amount.

Accelerated Critical Illness benefit

Pays out a portion of your life cover should you suffer from a listed trauma, physical impairment or critical illness condition, based on the selected critical illness cover amount.

Accidental Death benefit

Pays out to your nominated beneficiaries or estate should you pass away due to an accident.
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