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Already a PPS accredited adviser? Time to take it up a notch. We'd like to help you stay cutting edge by providing you with the material you need to improve the lives of your members and clients. Ranging from the latest advisory tools to secure websites offering invaluable information, it’s all available to you when you click the link below.

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Need a PPS adviser? Whether you’re looking for advice on life solutions, car and household insurance, business insurance or assurance, investments, financial or even fiduciary advice, PPS has a team of financial advisers who are experts in providing holistic financial advice that adds real value. We also work with independent brokers to offer our enhanced and comprehensive solutions to you. Feel free to speak to your broker or fill out the form for a PPS adviser to contact you.

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Why join us? PPS focuses exclusively on the graduate professional market, with a membership that includes accountants, actuaries, doctors, attorneys, architects, dentists, doctors, pharmacists and many other graduate professionals. And because PPS is a mutual company, all the profits and investment returns PPS creates go to benefit members who are qualifying policyholders through the PPS Profit-Share Account.

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