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PPS Wealth Advisory

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For over 80 years we've seen many styles of money management, some more successful than others. We'd like to share that wealth of experience with you.

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What we offer:

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Protect, Create and Accelerate your Wealth

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If you want to partner with experts who understand your goals and aspirations call us today. Driven by excellence, we aim to be a safe harbour for you, your family and business partners. We will assist you in protecting, creating and accelerating your wealth wherever you are in your profession.

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Offshore diversification. In a Global Universe.

In building their legacy, many investors are looking offshore to bolster and diversify their investment portfolio. Offshore is available to those seeking a diversified portfolio of stocks and securities that are not only limited to South Africa. It offers the opportunity to diversify your portfolio by hedging against the rand and accessing the global equity market universe. There are various ways of investing offshore, but the two popular methods are through rand-denominated offshore funds, or via a direct offshore investment in a foreign currency.

How to invest offshore with PPS

How to invest offshore with PPS

Our team of experts

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Who Qualifies? PPS Wealth Advisory is a boutique wealth management offering for qualifying PPS members. We assist PPS members with wealth planning strategies that protect what is important to them, build the reality they dream of, create what their hearts desire, and grow what they have worked so hard to build. If you earn R2 million+ a year or have R5 million investable assets and need specialist support and guidance in creating, protecting, and accelerating your wealth, then contact us today. PPS Wealth Advisory – your professional companion, beyond wealth.

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