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Your ability to earn an income is your most valuable asset

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PPS provides long-term life, sickness, disability and critical illness insurance products specifically designed for graduate professionals. Become a PPS member with qualifying life-risk products and you will also share in PPS’s operational and investment returns through allocations to a notional PPS Profit-Share Account™ created in your name*.

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Life solutions: your key to Profit-Share

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With PPS, you and your earning ability are protected, but you also get something out that no other company can give you. You get to share in PPS’s operational and investment returns through allocations to the unique PPS Profit-Share Account™.

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2023 Claims paid


per benefit
DOWN 9% from 2022
R949.5 million
Sickness benefit
UP 13% from 2022
R849.1 million
Permanent Incapacity benefit
UP 44% from 2022
R1.38 billion
Life Cover
UP 34% from 2022
R556.4 million
Critical Illness Cover
DOWN 45% from 2022
R102.6 million
Lump-sum Disability benefit

*All health and life risk claims, includes PPS Namibia and PPS South Africa.

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* Members holding qualifying life-risk products share in the profit and the loss of PPS through the notional PPS Profit-Share Account™ and past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. The PPS Profit-Share Account™ remains notional until it vests upon retirement from age 60 or upon death.

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