PPS For Professionals

The Spirit of Mutuality

Unlike a company that is listed on a stock exchange, PPS belongs to its members and operates under the ethos of mutuality. This means that qualifying members with life insurance can exclusively share in the profits of the PPS Group, through the unique PPS Profit-Share Account.


PPS professionals come from versatile and diverse professions. However, knowledge is only part of their success. In a world where human touch is often lost, wouldn’t you rather be insured with a company that cares about your well-being?

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PPS was founded by a group of dentists who realised that if any of them were to suffer from an illness that kept them from work, their earnings could be severely affected. To protect themselves, they started a society where everybody contributed. These funds would be used to help any member through a period of illness. With this shared value, PPS soon grew to include other like-minded professionals.



Not only does PPS protect your ability to earn an income, you get to share in company profits through the PPS Profit-Share Account.

  • Once you become a member with qualifying products, a Profit-Share Account is automatically opened in your name.
  • Each year when we declare our profits or losses, all profit that PPS makes is redistributed to members, into their Profit-Share Account
  • The pooled money of all Profit-Share Accounts is reinvested and you benefit from compound interest.
  • Profit-Share Account funds may be accessed from age 60 – either to supplement your retirement savings, or to pay some of your monthly expenses (like medical aid or insurance).
  • The insurance claims you make over the lifetime of your membership do not affect the profit allocated to your Profit-Share Account.
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The examples below illustrate the lifetime benefits of having and updating PPS benefits as your financial circumstances change.

PPS Profit Share



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