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Want to give your Profit-Share a boost?

That’s why we have amplified the earning potential of our products.

Mutualistic symbiosis is a relationship where both parties benefit, ensuring their success.

As a valued PPS member, you not only benefit from a share of the returns but could also enhance this mutually beneficial relationship. By exploring a diverse array of products available across the subsidiaries and affiliates of the PPS Group, you could increase the share of returns allocated to your PPS Profit-Share Account™. The more diverse combinations of products you choose to hold, the greater the potential for growth in your Profit-Share allocations. This underscores the resilience of the principle of spreading mutuality, offering a robust counterbalance even in the face of potential challenges.

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The PPS Profit-Share Cross-Holdings Booster is tiered according to the number of products a member holds. If you hold a PPS life-risk product and you take up a qualifying product(s) from one of our PPS subsidiaries and affiliates (PPS Short-Term Insurance, PPS Health Professions Indemnity, Profmed and/or PPS Investments), it will increase your allocations. The booster benefit will increase based on the number of extra PPS subsidiary and affiliate products you have.

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