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Associations Sub Title
Collaborations for customer-centric solutions

Strategic relationships between PPS and professional associations have been at the core of our business. These relationships have assisted in building a sound and sustainable business model by providing ongoing member insight that helps PPS develop customer-centric solutions and services.

PPS collaborates and supports the various associations by primarily focusing on continuous professional development and thought leadership.

Continued collaboration with professional associations allows PPS to understand the impact of an ever-changing professional environment in order to continue providing relevant solutions and services to our members.

Associations Cards Title
These associations include:

The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants
Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa
The South African Medical Association
The South African Dental Association
The South African Institution of Mechanical Engineering
The South African Institute of Civil Engineering
Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa
Islamic Medical association
The South African Veterinary Association
The Law Society of South Africa
The Alliance of South African Independent Practitioners Associations
The South African Society for Labour Law
The Institute of Internal Auditors of South Africa
The Southern African Institute for Industrial Engineering
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