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The Professional

Read the 12th edition of our digital magazine created with professionals in mind.

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Saving is better when benefits are shared

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Mutuality for the greater good, of our members, financial advisers and communities.


Success is better, shared.

Unlike a company that is listed on a stock exchange, PPS belongs to its members and operates under the ethos of mutuality. This means that qualifying members with life insurance can exclusively share in the profits of the PPS Group, through the unique PPS Profit-Share Account.

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R29.58 billion

Cumulatively allocated over the last 10 years to our members' Profit-Share Accounts

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Your ability to earn an income is your most valuable asset

Protect your lifestyle and dreams, should you become ill, disabled or pass away. Our life insurance cover also creates wealth through our Profit-Share model, while you do the more important work.

PPS Health Professions Indemnity

PPS Health Professions Indemnity was developed in response to the challenges South African health professionals face, from the aggressive litigation landscape to rising professional indemnity costs. In designing this solution, we chose to partner with ProAssurance Corporation, one of America's leading experts in medical professions indemnity, with a reputation built in the most litigious nation in the world.

Car & Home Insurance

It is possible to have financial peace of mind despite life's uncertainties. With a wide range of insurance products which are aimed at helping you ensure your financial responsibilities, you will have time to focus on your career.

Invest and grow the income you're working hard for.

Make the most of your money by choosing from our wide range of investment options that offer different levels of affordability and flexibility to match your lifestyle. Make your money grow.

Interview with PPS Group CEO and CFO on 2023 achievements

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Liane Heymans

When Liane was paralysed in an accident at the age of 25, her ability to support herself was in doubt.

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Vaughan Rimbault

Vaughan understood his career had risks, so he made sure his income was covered in case of an accident.

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Ms Karien Schoeman

Ms Karien Schoeman was a child counsellor. An unfortunate turn of events after a routine dental procedure left her unable to…

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Dr Varsha Padayachee

Dr Varsha Padayachee is an healthcare practitioner. After a procedure, which caused a severe allergic reaction which affected her…

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JB Erasmus

JB Erasmus was an advocate with an illustrious career and a healthy lifestyle. After a serious bout of pneumonia led to a surgery…

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Leon Visser

Leon Visser is an arborist with a passion for trees. An accident during a carpentry project led to him losing four fingers and he…

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PPS offers tailor-made insurance, investment and healthcare solutions exclusively for graduate professionals with an honours level*/equivalent or higher qualification, from a public institution or certain listed private institutions.

*Honours level equivalent qualification includes certain BTechs, 3 year undergraduate degrees or diplomas plus a postgraduate qualification or professional designation.

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