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Can you afford the costs associated with disability?

The PPS Professional Disability Provider is a stand-alone lump sum benefit that pays out should you become unable to carry out your professional duties.

Severe Illness conversion after retirement from age 59

This benefit allows you to extend your disability cover beyond retirement.

Access to profit share

Direct profit allocation to the PPS Profit-Share Account

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With your life cover you get great key benefits.

Automatically applies from day one.

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Severe Illness Benefit

Conversion to the whole of life Severe Illness Benefit at retirement after the age of 59. This is a lump sum benefit that pays out 100% should the member suffer from a listed severity level A or B trauma, physical impairment or critical illness condition.

Additional benefits

Additional Benefit 1

Occupation-Specific Rider Benefit

Covers the member’s own specific nominated occupation.

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