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PPS Tax Free Investment Account

The PPS Tax Free Investment Account helps you to target long-term growth and benefit from tax savings on your investment return.

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Don't just save on tax with your investment, make it work harder for you.

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Tax Free Investment Options

Tax benefits

Grow your investment, where the interest, dividend and capital gains earned are tax free

Contribution allocation

Invest a maximum of R36 000 per tax year and R500 000 in your lifetime

Start from as little as R500 per month or a R2000 lump sum

Access your money when you need to (withdrawals affect capped contribution limits)

Choose funds suitable to your goals

We offer a premium range of funds across the risk profile

Grow Profit-Share as a PPS member

Get profit allocation on both the investment solution and when investing in PPS funds

Earn additional allocation through Member Linking and Profit-Share Cross-Holdings Booster

Reduced admin fees

Get access to reduced administration fees for families with a market value of R1.5 million or more through the PPS Investments Family Network

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How do I invest?

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PPS Investments recommends that you consult an independent financial adviser regarding your specific situation if you require financial and/or investment advice. Alternatively, leave your details and our client service centre can CALL YOU BACK to put you in touch with an adviser.

Should you be comfortable to invest online CLICK HERE

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