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Why choose PPS Investments?

Investing is personal to us. We exist to mutually create and grow the wealth of graduate professionals and their families, throughout their lifetimes and beyond.

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The Investment Partner of Choice

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Designed to meet your investment needs, our platform combines functionality and simplicity.
We offer a suite of flexible investment solutions for pre-retirement, post-retirement and wealth creation.

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Our Approach To Investing

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We build our team much like we build investment portfolios. Within the team, we encourage different ways of thinking, so we can debate manager strategies more effectively and be better prepared during times of uncertainty. The team spans four generations of thinking and is intentionally diverse to help us challenge pre-existing assumptions and beliefs.


We hold ourselves individually and mutually accountable to continuous excellence.

Eternally Curious

We are open to new ideas, new information and new perspectives.

Repeatable Process

We are fully engaged and committed to a sustained effort that is excellent and of the highest quality.

Doing The Right Thing

We do what is right no matter what it takes. We try to see the bigger picture and put the interest of collective above our own narrow interest.

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News & Insights

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Market and investment insights and webinars from our investment team to help you navigate the investment landscapes.

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