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What is investing?

In simple terms, investing is putting money into financial instruments with the aim of growing it.

There are various ways to go about about investing including putting money in unit trusts or investing directly in shares, with each investment instrument having its own positives and negatives.

What works for another investor, may not work for you. It’s best to map out your financial goals as part of a bigger financial plan to align to your unique circumstances. Financial advisers are best placed to consult with and provide guidance in making financial decisions.

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Start an investment with us

We have a number of ways  you can use to open your investment with us. You can invest with us directly  using any of our online tools including our Invest Now tool if you know exactly what you want, or via our digital advice tool PPS Horizon if you need some guidance while you do this on your own. 

You can also invest with us through your financial adviser. If you would like the help of a financial adviser but do not have one please let us know here.

We can help you invest your money easily through our appropriate and sensibly structured investment products, such as a Tax-Free Investment Account or Retirement Annuity.

Once you have chosen the product you want to invest through, they you have a choice of funds fit-for-purpose funds in which you can invest your savings.

Remember, as a PPS member you can earn profit allocations from your investments with us, which means you can grow your PPS Profit-Share Account and if you link your children’s or spouse’s OPN investments to your PPS number you can earn profit allocations from those investments too!

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So, what do you want to invest for?

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