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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ~ Nelson Mandela

Take control of your child’s future education needs if you pass away, become disabled or suffer a severe illness.

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Why should you consider PPS Education Cover

Cover for the entire educational journey

Includes optional benefits to
fund costs over and above
tuition fees and educational

A variety of institutions

The child can attend school
anywhere in the world, and
tertiary education at any PPS
listed international university


Direct allocation to the PPS Profit-Share Account™.

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Education Cover includes great key benefits at no additional cost.

Tuition fees

Pays the actual tuition fees as a lump sum, annually, directly to the institution, up to the specified maximum.

Necessities benefit

Pays an annual allowance as a lump sum to fund necessities such as uniforms, textbooks and stationary.


If your child excels at sport or a cultural activity (provincial/national level) while in primary or secondary school, PPS will boost the necessities benefit by an additional 25%.

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Other benefits

Extra benefit

Pays out an annual allowance as a lump sum to fund additional costs such as extra classes, extra-mural activities, after-care, transport or technological requirements.

School Trips benefit

Pays the actual costs of school trips or camps, as and when required, directly to the institution, up to the specified maximum.

Matric benefit

Pays a once-off lump sum in Grade 12 to cover the costs of the matric farewell, matric vacation or getting ready to move out of the house (furniture and appliances).

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Get the best possible protection for professionals.

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