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Living Annuity

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The PPS Living Annuity is designed to help manage your retirement income after you’ve retired.

Control over your retirement income

Choose how much you want to withdraw from your retirement savings (between 2.5% and 17.5% of your investment value annually)

Select how often you receive these payments

Change your annuity income amount and frequency once a year according to your personal circumstances

Reinvest your retirement savings

You have the opportunity for continued investment growth when you reinvest your savings

Leave a legacy

In the event of your death, the remaining capital will be paid directly to your beneficiaries

Choose funds suitable to your goals

You have access to a focused range of unit trusts from a selection of asset managers

Change your fund allocation at any time without any transaction costs

Gain profit share as a PPS Member

Acquire profit allocation from your investment and allocation to PPS funds

Earn additional allocation through family linking of the OPN investment solutions

A living annuity may not be suitable for you. Carefully consider the following:

It is important to note that the income is not guaranteed and your ability to sustain the level of income will be affected by the performance of the underlying unit trusts in which you are invested.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your income that you draw will be sustainable for the entire duration of your retirement.

If the income that you draw is too high, you bear the risk of running out of money during your retirement.

Returns in the underlying unit trusts are not guaranteed and your investment may not perform according to your expectations.

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Vested PPS Profit-Share Account

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Keep your PPS Profit-Share Account assets invested for longer using the Vested PPS-Profit Share Account.

Vest your profit-share assets

After 60 if the member still has PPS Sickness and Permanent Incapacity Benefit, the PPS Profit-Share Account assets may be accessed via the Vested PPS Profit-Share Account

You can use these assets as part of your retirement planning

Boost retirement savings

Reinvest assets to generate further returns and grow your capital

Supplement your retirement income with withdrawals

Maximise the tax benefits

Most taxable growth is at 30% for individuals, local dividends at 20% and realised capital gains at 12%

You are not responsible for tax reporting

Gain profit share as a PPS Member

Continue earning PPS profits attributable to PPS Investments

Efficient estate planning

Proceeds will be paid directly to your beneficiaries

* Administered by PPS Investments

How do I invest?

PPS Investments recommends that you consult an independent financial adviser regarding your specific situation if you require financial and/or investment advice. Alternatively, leave your details and our client service centre can CALL YOU BACK to put you in touch with an adviser.

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