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PPS Investments Family Network

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The PPS Investments Family Network enables your family to invest with each other to build your family’s wealth.

When you invest as a family with us, you and your family members could benefit from a reduced administration fee. The more you and your family invest with us, the more everyone benefits.

Each family member’s investments are connected to determine the total family market value that will be applied to our administration fee scale. This establishes the family administration fee that will apply to each family member.

The more you and your family invest with us, the more everyone benefits.

Family Network

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How to access the Family Network play-zone

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The Family Network play-zone allows you to build a structure that suits your unique family. You can see the impact of connecting your family members’ investments on our platform to ensure that family members can benefit from a reduced administration fee.

For the Family Network play-zone Click here

Activate and manage your Family Network on our Secure Site Click here

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Need more information?

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Learn more about the PPS Investments Family Network and how it can benefit you and your family by accessing the brochure and FAQ.

Still not sure? Please consult your PPS Investments accredited financial adviser. Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly on 0860 468 777 (0860 INV PPS) or at clientservices@ppsinvestments.co.za.

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Need help? Watch or read our tutorials

Need some help navigating the play-zone? Access these resources for tips on setting up your Family Network.

Introduction to the Family Network play-zone
Create a Family Network

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