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Protection of Personal Information

Associations Introduction

While PPS Insurance must keep my personal information confidential at all times, I agree and consent that PPS Insurance may:

  1. Communicate with me about my affairs electronically (e-mail, fax, telephone, or through any other relevant or secured electronic platform), and such communication will be deemed the same as written communication and received by me 2 days after being sent.
  2. Obtain any information relevant from any person or institution, any information which PPS Insurance deems necessary to promptly assess my insurance risk or to consider my claim.
  3. Where required by industry codes or directives, share with other insurers and industry body any information in its possession, either directly or through a database operated by, or for insurers as a group, at any time.
  4. Disclose any information to the PPS Holdings Trust, PPS Insurance Company Limited, PPS Short Term Insurance., PPS Investments, PPS Health Administrators  and affiliates such as Profmed or other persons if it is necessary to provide advice, recommend products, properly underwrite, manage or service the policy, policy assets or myself
  5. Obtain credit information from any person or institution where necessary.
  6. Verify the information provided herein and to contact other third parties for purposes of same.
  7. May process the information provided herein to the extent allowed by the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013.
  8. Use and share with any third party any of my personal and contact information to facilitate the payment of unclaimed benefits.
  9. Use my personal information for research purposes provided it shall continue to treat such information as confidential.
  10. Disclose my personal information to regulatory or government agencies in accordance with the relevant legislation or directive.


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