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About Profmed medical aid scheme

​​Profmed's medical and healthcare benefits, coupled with excellent service and attention to detail, are offered at affordable rates. Low rates are also available to eligible students.

Profmed is a restricted medical aid scheme for professionals with a minimum of a four-year qualification.

Profmed medical aid scheme offers ten excellent options. 

You can choose from one of our five Premium options or one of our five Savvy hospital network options. 

We provide affordable medical cover that is designed for the unique needs of the professional and your particular life stage. 

Choose a benefit option that suites you or your family and that takes into consideration your personal needs and your financial position.

New Introduction


A flexible, intelligent savings account that lets you control how much you save, and extends your medical scheme benefits.

Unlike traditional medical savings accounts (MSA's), PPS WALLET gives you the flexibility to choose how much you want to save each month, starting from R300 per month.

Profmed's PPS WALLET is a new-to-market, independent savings account that is separate from your medical scheme contributions.

  • li-tick You simply choose an amount starting from R300
  • li-tick Your  PPS WALLET account is debited
  • li-tick Take control of your medical expenses

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Profmed believes in intelligent medical aid cover for professionals and PPS WALLET puts the control in your hands.

  • li-tick Pay for additional day-to-day healthcare expenses such as co-payments and over-the-counter medicines.
  • li-tick Save for future planned medical expenses not covered by their medical scheme benefits.
  • li-tick And more...


There are no transaction fees, and PPS WALLET funds can be used to pay for claims for you or any dependents registered on your Profmed medical scheme membership. Plus, claims are submitted and paid via the normal claims process. Pharmacy claims that are submitted in real-time by the pharmacy will automatically use your available funds to pay for co-payments, making the process seamless and efficient.

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