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The Short-Term Insurance cover you need

Mon, 05/02/2018 - 10:19

As a graduate professional, we know that you set your goals high. You didn’t compromise. When it came to your education, you strove for the best and after several long years of studying… you made it.


Congratulations. You deserve it!


Now that you have your degree, you are a professional. The question is, do you have the insurance a professional like you deserves?


With our complete range of short-term insurance products PPS STI has you covered, no matter what happens.


1. Car insurance


Tending to be more than just run-of-the-mill motor insurance, the comprehensive car insurance policy also encompasses both watercraft and motorbike insurance, and has the potential to cover everything from the family sedan to the get-away yacht.


Protect the vehicle of your choice with an exhaustive range of policy options, and cover against accidental damage, loss, theft, and much more.


You’re no average Joe Soap. You didn’t settle on your education. Likewise, you shouldn’t settle on your car insurance. You need insurance that’s focused on meeting your needs and expectations as a professional. One that tailors its policies to suit your lifestyle. Only a select few qualify for it. Here is Pro-Insure Car Insurance.


2. Home insurance to give you peace of mind


Can you remember if you switched off the stove when you left home today? Did you fully close that ground-floor window? 


Accidents happen, and so do burglaries, freak lightning storms and fires. When catastrophe strikes, you can’t afford to be caught unawares and unprepared.


With efficient claims processing and dedicated staff, providing personalised service, PPS Short-Term Insurance has you covered in case the worst happens. So, you can continue your work uninterrupted, with

Pro-Insure Home Insurance.


A professional like you, deserves a professional insurance provider to match. We know you’re busy. So get car, home and professional indemnity insurance all in one call from PPS Short-Term Insurance. We’ll take care of your assets so you can take care of your work. Give us a call today on 0860 777 457 and get the insurance a professional like you deserves.


PPS STI is a licenced financial services provider.

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