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What does an umbrella and life insurance have in common?

Wed, 28/06/2017 - 13:24

The weather can sometimes be very unpredictable, so for protection, I keep a small umbrella in my handbag, a bigger one in the car and one in the office, just in case. It was while I was at a funeral and I was holding my big, double coated umbrella to protect me from the harsh sun, that I realised the similarities between an umbrella and life insurance.


Umbrellas have been around for and have many different meanings.  In some cultures it is a symbol of wealth and status. They represent protection from harmful forces, the sun and rain.  In Europe, until a few decades ago, a sunshade was a status symbol for society ladies.  As umbrellas are held above the head it is believed they symbolise honor and respect, the dome symbolises wisdom and the sides show compassion.


Just like an umbrella, insurance is there to protect us and our families from life’s eventualities, like illness, accidents and death.  Nobody wants to have to carry an umbrella everywhere, unless you are certain that you will need it. With our health, we might not be sure that we will get sick, but looking at our lifestyles and the current statistics of illnesses, we know that the chances of contracting an illness or even being in an accident are high, and we just never know when it will happen to us.


How many times have you been caught in the rain and wishing that you had an umbrella?  Don’t let the same happen with insurance.  Keep your financial and insurance needs under the protection of a big umbrella.  You will find yourself smiling when everyone else is scurrying around, looking for cover.

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