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In times of economic uncertainty, manage your risk with PPS Short-Term Insurance

Fri, 10/05/2019 - 13:31



In times of economic uncertainty, manage your risk with PPS Short-Term Insurance



One thing that is prevalent in South Africa, is the influx of uncertainties in the country. For instance, will there be another ratings downgrade, will we load-shed this winter, will the Rand prevail amidst all this activity, and what will the effect be on consumers and businesses alike?


Amidst such uncertainties, one must be prudent to ensure that they manage their risk and that assets are safeguarded to prevent any potential consequences that could affect their life, business and general well-being.



Tough economic times ahead for South Africa


According to a publication by Focus Economics; South Africa is slowly recovering from a short recession last year, and the economy has been on the mend. Despite this, however, several potential setbacks continue to threaten its further recovery, and lacklustre growth is expected to persist this year. For instance, in the aftermath of the upcoming general elections, policy uncertainty could hinder the country’s short-term economic recovery.1


Analysts and economists at PwC hold the view that the country will likely see another interest rate hike this year, warning that local volatility and economic growth concerns prevail.2 In addition, research shows that while greater political stability has been observed under President Cyril Ramaphosa, constrained growth remains.3


We cannot be certain of just what the future holds for South Africa; however, one thing graduate professionals can be certain of, is that they can safeguard against risk to their assets.



In times of uncertainty, cover your assets with PPS Short-Term Insurance


Between the uncertainties of state capture, fake news, fuel price and Eskom rate hikes, it becomes imperative to manage external ambiguities and their potential consequences, so you can manage your risk and protect your professional reputation.


You can be assured of PPS Short-Term Insurance’s decades of experience in insuring the cars, homes and businesses of graduate professionals. We have managed our risk and solely serve an exclusive pool of clientele – graduate professionals.


As a graduate professional with insurance coverage from PPS Short-Term Insurance, you have one less thing to worry about and can be assured of the following:

  • Speedy payment of approved claims so you can get back into the car you rely on to get you to work and important meetings with our Pro-Insure Car coverage;
  • Minimal demands on your time so you can look forward to unwinding from a busy day in your home with our Pro-Home Insure cover; and
  • Minimal business interruption so your business can quickly get back to delivering on your client’s requirements with our Pro-Insure Business Cover.

An insurance policy from PPS Short-Term Insurance, will not only insulate you and your business in these times of uncertainty; but you will also experience further value-added insurance benefits including personal accident cover, excess payment waivers if selected and access to a dedicated Private Client Specialist.

In an unpredictable world whose risks and uncertainties are out of your control, you need assurances you can rely on. Make the smart choice and turn to PPS Short-Term Insurance, a partner you can trust. One would be hard-pressed to find a more reliable name in the financial services sector.

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PPS STI is a licensed Financial Services Provider FSP 46274.





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