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Mutuality is individual growth and mutual success.

We all strive for success. We seek it in our work, our investments, our choices. We believe that in order to truly have success, we must be better, richer, more powerful than others. But the truth is, success is not about being better than others, but being best together. That's the ethos of mutuality - working together to build shared success. Because success is everyone's business.


Mutuality is standing together, building together, profiting together.

PPS was founded in a time of war to protect members in good and tough times. Through the ethos of mutuality, success is shared - helping members, the company and our intermediaries grow. Because success is everyone's business.

At PPS, we always challenge ourselves to look for opportunities in tough times, it is in our DNA.
Izak Smit
Group Chief Executive Officer
R619 million
is allocated to the
Profit-Share Accounts™
of qualifying members.

Mutuality is structured for protection and performance.

We do not have shareholders. Instead, our unique model means that operating profits and investment returns are allocated to our members with qualifying products. This shared success helps our members grow their present and secure their future.


Mutuality is building foundations together that support everyone's future.

Despite the world coming out of the global health crisis, 2022 was a year of many challenges. But, thanks to our long-term investment strategy, we are able to find the advantages in unsettling times. And pass those wins on to our members.

R 3.4 billion
paid in Life Claims,
normalising after
the COVID-19 period.
Sharing the profits that we make, be it operational profits or investment returns, is due to our unique ethos of mutuality. We exist for our members and for nobody else.”
Izak Smit
Group Chief Executive Officer

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