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My journey to being a maven started at PPS

Thu, 14/09/2017 - 12:25

The final year of university was one filled with both excitement and anxiety, presenting me with looming questions. “Will I find a suitable employer to make sure I achieve my short to medium term career goals? Do I have a sound understanding of the role I’m being injected into? Is theory the same as practice? Will I be the right fit?” The list went on and only time could provide answers. 


When I joined PPS, the questions I had still haunted me but I had resounding confidence in my ability to take on new tasks. With my theoretical knowledge box ticked out, I knew that the company’s Graduate Internship Development Programme would be there to provide me with a solid base for my personal and professional development. The various technical and soft skills training programmes offered helped clear the blind spots I had regarding the world of work and professionalism as a whole.


I work as part of the actuarial team and my main responsibilities involve producing the actuarial reports using various developed models, compiling statutory returns, experience investigations namely; lapse experience and  value of new business (VNB) risk assessment, to name a few. It all may sound like a foreign language, but what is expected of me is executed with the intent of growing my technical skills and in the process pioneer the actuarial space. 


I often come across people who revere those who hold the actuary title, and never have I thought that one day I would be the individual whose jaw would drop. I owe this experience to working with colleagues who are approachable and provide innovative solutions that leave me in awe. Reflecting the company culture and its people, the department I am part of comprises highly skilled professionals who have thorough and in-depth understanding of the work they do.


My journey to be a maven in South Africa’s actuarial field has been pleasant because the graduate programme has been instrumental in my continuous professional development.


Being part of PPS has been a positively huge jump from the where I was as a student, and the only question I have, aimed at future graduates is: “How have you not considered PPS as your next step?”


Nkuli Mathela


To apply for the 2018 Graduate Internship Development Programme, visit Professionals Connect. Applications are open until 30 September 2017. 

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