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Mikaeel’s transition from tertiary to the workplace

Tue, 27/08/2019 - 08:10

Every voyage starts with some sort of destination in mind. Although the final stop might change over time, one has an idea of where they ultimately see themselves and what they will be doing. I believe it’s the moments in between this journey that make us who we are. And this is my story…

All my schooling years were in Johannesburg-based institutes, starting at Parkview Junior School then progressing to Parkview Senior. I later move on to Parktown Boys’ High School for my secondary education, and I was convinced that up to that point the path I was on was fairly set. As the narrative goes, post-matric I furthered my studies in a Bachelor of Accounting degree at the University of Witwatersrand but after completing my degree, as with most of my peers, I wasn’t sure which direction to head in. As I had not completed my honours qualification yet, coupled with the conversion to pursuing it on a part-time basis, this left me at a crossroad. Where do I want to start this journey?

Although I was puzzled regarding the steps to follow, I was sure of one thing. I was eager to make my way into the corporate world and start growing and learning as an individual. Through the help of a friend I applied for the Graduate Internship Development Programme at PPS, was successful in the interview and placed in the Financial Advisory division.

What was financial advisory I thought? Is it something I can do? The graduate programme was there to clarify any ambiguous detail and help young graduates like myself to build a professional profile by upskilling us. Not only are we provided with the necessary tools to grow in the professional sense, but we are encouraged to contribute fresh ideas to the business.

The fact that we are encouraged to be innovative and provide ideas to help further the company’s vision, makes me feel like I am here to make an impact. I have evolved from being anxious and uncertain about my future, as I have been challenged, disrupted myself and ushered in ways that can transform the face of the company for the better. A definite win-win, that makes me comfortable about my next steps as a young professional.



- Mikaeel Jadwat

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