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Makungu put theory into practice during his tenure as an intern

Mon, 26/08/2019 - 08:03


Corporate culture is an organisation’s personality or brand and is all about what people believe in and stand for, but most importantly, it is what makes the company unique. What makes PPS unique is that it deals exclusively with graduate professionals.

My journey as a graduate intern at PPS has provided me with in-depth insight about the concept of corporate culture, that one probably gets to learn when searching for possible questions to ask in an interview. Since being part of the programme, I now have an idea or a full view of what to expect once I am a part of the permanent workforce.

From a personal stance, I believe that corporate culture encompasses quite a few things, ranging from the physical environment itself to the fun perks and ways in which it is translated by the employees within the company - this includes the unique ways of doing things.

For me, entering the corporate world for the first time as a graduate professional was more than just about salary and job security. It was about looking for the less tangible qualities like values and community, but most importantly, about gaining the practical knowledge of what one has learnt in tertiary – basically putting the theoretical knowledge into practice. Just like a rough diamond, I have been part of a group of interns who are provided with training by highly experienced and networked professional employees and am now starting to gain the insights of how the industry works.

What I have picked up from the PPS culture is that it values its employees. This is seen when we are given the platform to make valuable contributions to the company’s success. As a graduate intern, I used the opportunity of being part of the Graduate Internship Development Programme to learn about a positive corporate culture where professionalism, team building, quality and high achievement is prioritised. At PPS – dubbed the home of professional graduates - employees are inspired to produce work and results of a high standard.

As I review my journey from when I was a student up till now, I can vouch for all graduates by sharing that we all want to feel challenged and to be given an opportunity to put our knowledge acquired from tertiary into practice.

As for me? That’s exactly what I got exposed to at PPS and that made see my value as a contributor to the company’s positive corporate culture. 


- Makungu Nkhwashu



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