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How a good support system has moulded me

Tue, 19/09/2017 - 12:23

I will never forget the day I attended the Graduate Internship Development Programme interview at the PPS head offices in Parktown, Johannesburg. This was the day of my first encounter with the Programme Manager, whose friendly demeanour helped calm my nerves and for a moment, made me forget how shy a person I am.

Coming from the small industrial town of Sasolburg and having furthered my education at the North West University’s Vaal Campus, I had reservations about yet another interview because in my mind this one would form part of the several meetings where I would come out unsuccessful yet again.

My acceptance of this appointment was just so that I could take part in another tick box exercise.

A few weeks later, I received great news confirming that I was selected as one of the successful candidates who will be part of the programme. Since then, I have spent the last nine months in an environment that has not only enhanced my technical skills but provided me with training on other skills required in the workplace.

I have also been exposed to true leadership in the form of my manager who constantly empowers me and has supported throughout my journey.

Since being employed at PPS through its graduate programme, I have made great strides and developed confidence that will catapult me to success. This would not have been possible if it was not for the positive and nurturing environment that is ever-present at within the company from the onset. 


Rethabile Pitsi

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