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Get Insured, it's the adult thing to do

Wed, 07/12/2016 - 13:46

When you make the transit from being a student to joining the adult world there are things you need to consider like making sure you have the correct essential tools to ensure you land on your feet in that time of uncertainty and continue running towards your goals.

“Adulting” comes with very important decision making. This is the time to make those decisions that affect your near and foreseeable future. These would include 
• How your income should be utilised
• The accommodation/property you choose
• The car you want to drive
• How to make your income last longer

These decisions all come with something called “debt”. Unless you have millions saved or planning on winning the lottery debt is something that you cannot avoid. This means that majority of your income will be used to pay off all adult decisions made by you.

“Adulting” also comes with responsibility. This is when you are now responsible for paying and taking care of things that used to come freely. You are now in charge of paying all the bills and will be expected to also contribute towards looking after the family including your parents and in other cases siblings. These all contribute to the expenditure of your income.

So we can safely say “adulting” comes with debt and responsibility, not exactly what you had in mind when you wished you were older. So in realising these realities you will need to have a plan that ensures the debts are paid and other responsibilities are being taken care of should anything happen to you. Insurance is the plan, we have all heard about it but we may not know much about it.

Insurance is meant to provide a level of certainty in instances of uncertainty. Should you be involved in an accident with that car and end up in hospital or when you suffer from a serious illness and need time off from work or should you untimely pass away, insurance should then take over to play a vital part in your story.

In this period of transition there is a lot to discover, give yourself time to learn more about insurance and what the role it plays in your estate.  


Mpho Thati 

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