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PPS has pushed me to think like there is no box

Thu, 06/09/2018 - 12:05

When I got the call that I had been given an opportunity to do my internship at PPS Insurance I was so excited. However, I also had a lot of anxiety and curiosity about PPS, and how the whole working environment is since I had never worked in a corporate space before. The early days at PPS were just full of happy, welcoming faces, especially for someone who has never been to a corporate environment before and, to my surprise, PPS turned out to be exactly what I wanted in 2018.

I was previously exposed to the work environment but still felt that doing a graduate programme would help enhance my skills. And being here at PPS, I have received exactly that because the opportunity has broadened my horizons. I have accumulated vital personal development skills within a short period of time and this has saved me from approaching life with a negative attitude. The Graduate Internship Development Programme has enabled me to explore a lot of career related skills, changing my perception from "Think out of the box" to "Think like there is no box".

I have been exposed to a world full of experts that encourage critical thinking, innovation and staying on top of new technology trends. As a young Industrial Engineer, I asked myself what I would be doing at an insurance company, but PPS has given me an opportunity to grow my engineering skills and opened my eyes to a world full of innovative ideas, technology and being a team player. Working at PPS gave me a chance to witness the amazing experience of artificial intelligence through the SingularityU conference. I have participated and value the training that the programme has provided and believe that it has given me a good foundation. As a result, I feel empowered and ready to give back great and innovative ideas to PPS as the 2022 vision encourages.


Thabo Nkadimeng

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