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Not your average internship programme

Tue, 18/09/2018 - 11:58

If I was asked to come up with a with a name for this graduate programme, I would call it a “starter-pack for excellence”. It is everything you need as a young graduate who just came out of university. It is a navigator that helps you get through life in general. It equips you with all the necessary skills that you need to excel in the big corporate world.


At the end of the day, I go home with a big smile on my face because, as young as I am, I get to touch people’s lives daily, and that brings a sense of purpose, fulfilment and meaning to my life. The Graduate Internship Development Programme is a great platform to show off your skills and potential, especially for people with intellectual curiosity like me. 


It is very rare to find a company that has the same values as you. PPS Insurance values personal as well as professional development of their employees. The company offers training and opportunities for further studying. This shows just how much PPS values its employees. Sometimes I feel like I get paid to learn and better myself. 


This is not a typical nine-to-five job. It brings meaning to one’s life and challenges you to think out of the box. At PPS, graduate interns do not make tea and copies for their bosses -we are treated like other employees and presented with the same opportunities.  


Six months into the programme, I have learnt so much already in what feels like a short period. I have evolved as a person, look at life with a different eye and have developed an “can do” attitude, all thanks to PPS for the support and patience.



Kabelo Mphethi

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