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My confidence and leadership skills have been refined

Thu, 27/09/2018 - 11:41

Being part of the PPS Project Management Office, one must possess leadership capabilities and, most of all, confidence. There are other essential skills that a project manager must possess. However, for me, confidence and leadership stands head and shoulders above the rest. Running meetings daily in the presence of individuals who come from different departments across the company, with most of them holding high positions, requires one to have a certain level of credence. One can argue that knowing what you're talking about is most important, however for me, having confidence when articulating yourself and carrying out task is even more important. People listen intently when the orator believes in their ideas and, and one automatically commands attention. This I learned from my manager, who has inspired me to be a great leader.

PPS has employed some of the best talent who are very clued up on their jobs, and I say this based on the interactions I've had. I am exposed to the brightest minds and I make sure I observe and be like a sponge, absorbing every detail. I was someone who used to doubt my abilities but now I see it's true when people say, "you become who you hang out with". In the learning process, I also developed attributes that I have adopted from colleagues whom aspire to be like.

A prime highlight is that a colleague has taken time out from her schedule to mentor me on leadership, and I must say the mentor/mentee relationship is succeeding. Today I am a confident person in meetings and around people who are in senior positions. What I have learned is that everything starts with you. If you want to lead people in the future you must be ready as an individual. Know who you are, what your values and principles are. People will follow individuals with the ability to guide them in the right direction. Still on self-development, the PPS Graduate Internship Development Programme ties in with my goals as someone who's always looking for ways to self-develop.  

My manager always tells me that "you will never arrive", and this journey of learning is a continuous one. Gratitude to PPS, for granting me the opportunity to be surrounded by such intelligent individuals.


Nokulunga Goba

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