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I'm proud that my career journey started with PPS

Tue, 25/09/2018 - 11:53

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step"- Lao Tzu. This statement is true, and is in line with my vision, goals, personal development and my career growth. Let me take the first step by sharing with you my career history. This will enable you to hear how the PPS Graduate Internship Development Programme has shaped me and prepared me for the corporate world, and given me the ability to adapt to PPS corporate culture.

In 2015 I did an internship while I was simultaneously studying full time. This is a requirement in my institution to obtain a qualification. After that experience I then believed that being a graduate is only about photocopying, printing, scanning and doing routine tasks. This was my first step in learning and understanding how the corporate world works.

I am happy that I took another step to become part of 2018 PPS Graduate Internship Development Programme. Being an intern at PPS enabled me to change my mindset, because of the training and development programmes.

The training that I went through this year comprised of topics such as; Team Effectiveness, MS Office, PPS product training, Business Communication, Stress Management, Office Etiquette, Personal Branding and Social Media, as well as Mystery Shopper. The various training sessions enabled me to grow my self-esteem and see the importance of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace t. In addition, as a PPS graduate, I developed my soft skills, analytical skills and numerical skills. The courses gave me an insight into what it is to be a graduate professional and what PPS stands for.

I pride myself in having joined an organisation that invests in its graduates for personal and professional development. Being a PPS graduate prepares you to be competent in your job by applying innovative, critical, and analytical thinking as well as keeping an open mind in the decision-making process.

In relation to the quotes shared, I believed that my journey in professional growth doesn't end here because I'm inspired to take the necessary steps towards that area and continue to develop.


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