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Thu, 13/09/2018 - 12:00

I am Katlego Lebese born and raised in Hammanskraal, North of Pretoria. In 2017 I graduated with a BSc in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics from the University of Pretoria, and am currently a graduate intern in the Actuarial department. I am a go-getting achiever and effective team leader. An extraordinarily self-motivated, problem-solver who works hard and savours a challenge. 


Brief History

I was raised by parents who are not so educated, however, I didn’t let the situation at home determine my future. As a result, I became the first one in my immediate family to obtain my Matric - with four distinctions -  and subsequently had the opportunity to further my studies at a university. I always valued education because I felt that it was the only means I could use to get out of poverty. Hence, I strove through the hardships of varsity. Through it all, I had hope in God and in myself that I will make it to the other side, because I was certain that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.


Graduate Programme Experience

In my final year, I applied to various companies for a graduate programme, got acceptance and rejection offers. I chose PPS Insurance over all the other companies in which I was shortlisted. The main reason that made me choose PPS was the culture of the company. When I came for an interview, people here were friendly and the environment felt like one that nurtures growth. From that day, I knew that I wanted to be part of this exceptional company.


I am extremely humbled and honoured to be part of the PPS 2018 Graduate Internship Development Programme – which I rate as one of the best graduate programmes in the insurance industry. Since being inducted onto the programme I have just received experience and a stipend, but an opportunity to learn and be integrated into the business.


I also realised that theoretical knowledge wasn’t enough.


I have gained more than I could give to the company because the programme helped me unleash my potential, and for that I am forever grateful. PPS rocks and it’s a great company to work for as a graduate, because they held my hand while I was navigating my way to building my career.


Katlego Lebese 

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