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Defying the “average graduate” label

Thu, 28/09/2017 - 12:14

Towards the end of my final year in university, I had no choice but to think about the direction my life was taking. 


A process of applying for all the internship positions that were advertised using a “spray and pray” method followed this. I must have applied to over a hundred of them but I only received responses from less than twenty companies presenting the same negative outcome. It seemed that all my efforts yielded no results and the worrying trend of the dreaded “Thank you for applying. However, we regret to inform you that...” - rejection letter. I suppose they were following procedure but for me it was concerning that not one of these companies saw potential in me.


Fast forward to the last week of November 2016 when I was called in for an interview at PPS. The first thought that came to mind was that this would probably lead to me being turned down yet again. The interview was nerve wrecking but I got a positive response immediately from the Head of Business Solutions whom I later discovered that I would be working alongside. 


On the first day at work, myself and the other graduates toured the company acquainting ourselves with the different departments, the staff and got to know a bit about one another. 


As days passed, I settled into my division, and comfortably became part of the production support team – which is probably one of the notable things that have happened to me thus far. The broader team is easy to work with and readily available to assist when it is needed.


If I could single out one thing that stands out about the space in which I operate is that no days are similar. One gets an opportunity to partake in a variety of processes, which are the catalyst to constant learning. My growth has also been attributed to being entrusted with responsibilities that challenge me to do my best. 


At the end of each day, one leaves the office feeling proud and this is because of having learned something new at PPS, which empowers me to be more efficient going forward. 


I can confidently say that the future looks very promising from where I am seated.


Bafana Msomi

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