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Experience a short-term insurance solution that is as unique as you are

Fri, 14/09/2018 - 14:08

When it comes to short-term insurance and choosing an insurer you can rely on, the process can be rather daunting. From the exhaustive amount of time it takes to get an accurate quote, to finding an insurer that meets your specific needs - the process can get in the way of the work you do every day, that of being a professional and being the best at what you do. There are many short-term insurance companies in South Africa today. However, there is only one that is strictly for graduate professionals.

PPS Short-Term Insurance was developed out of the need to offer professionals like yourself solutions that are tailored towards your unique needs. Backed by the PPS Group’s rich history of serving individuals with a qualifying four-year degree for over 75 years, what sets us apart is that we know that you invest a lot of time and resources to amass your wealth and build your career. As a result, we also work equally hard to safeguard your assets and protect your future while making it hassle-free for you.


PPS STI is always innovating to meet your needs


Many entities tend to offer a blanket solution. In most cases, this does not cover all your requirements. For instance, our Pro-Insure Car Insurance covers your watercraft and bicycle, in addition to insuring your motor vehicles. We care about the specific details, so you can continue to take care of what’s important to you. From insuring the contents of your freezer at home when they spoil, with our Pro-Home Insurance to covering your accounts receivable through the Pro-Business Insurance policy, we always innovate to meet your needs.

With these exclusive offers, as well as all the regulars you are used to, you can insure everything under one roof and have one policy, one point of contact, for added convenience. Fill out our online form here and a dedicated client consultant will discuss all your home, car or business insurance needs to allow you to make the best possible decision.


Intelligent Insurance for graduate professionals


They say time is money, and we understand this best. As an insurance company that specifically caters to professionals, our experienced specificity allows us greater flexibility and innovation in meeting your needs.

Have you ever been in a car accident, or been the victim of car theft? You know that the displeasures that accompany these incidents cannot be avoided. There are shortfall payments, or excess fees that you need to pay and manage, taking valuable time away from your profession. With our value-added car and home solutions, we cover your shortfall, excess payment and even give you a deposit to put down on your new car, so you can take care of what’s important to you. With this hassle-free process, you can go back to your work, with minimal disturbance.

We also appreciate that your house, business, car and all the assets you have attained would not have been possible without your income. So, our exclusive value-added debt and asset protection solutions cover your debts and assets in the event of an accident, death and short- or long-term disability, allowing you a bit more flexibility and giving you peace-of-mind in case of the unexpected. Just one of the benefits we offer our select-pool of clients.

To join this exclusive pool and experience short-term insurance the PPS STI way, click here to request a call-back and a dedicated service consultant will call you to discuss the cover options available for you. PPS STI is a licensed Financial Services Provider (FSP 46274).

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