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Thu, 02/04/2020 - 09:12

02 April 2020, Johannesburg: Professional Provident Society (PPS), an insurance and  financial services company aimed exclusively at the graduate professional has taken a unique approach to providing much-needed financial literacy education to students.  Through its PPS Money Matters initiative, PPS has developed the Further Faster podcast series to empower students on their journey to financial freedom. The 10-part programme will be available from 02 April 2020 on Apple iTunes, Spotify, Google podcast and PPS website.

The goal is to empower the listener with information that assists them to overcome challenges as they go further and faster on the road to financial freedom. The stories in the series are narrated by ordinary people in which they share their real-life experiences of managing money, savings and investment.

South Africa has for some time been regarded as one of the most over-indebted markets in terms of consumer debt, and students in particular, find it difficult to cover their living expenses while at university. This often results in them making financial commitments which often follow them well into their work careers after graduation.

“We consulted with a wide range of university stakeholders, including students and it became clear that there was a very specific, unmet need among students for financial information to help them to make wise financial decisions.  Using the platform of podcasts, we are able to continue to support them while they are at home,” says Francis Aldrich, Technical Marketing Specialist at PPS.

Further Faster tackles the top challenges faced by students:

  1. “Go Far” deals with short-termism.  A sociologist and a finance expert discuss the role of mutuality and how approach can contribute to financial thinking;
  2. “Till Debt Do Us Part” takes on the negative effect that debt has on romantic relationships of young people;
  3. “ICE ICE Baby” unpacks the benefit of having “rainy-day” money just in case;
  4. In “Things Stokvel Apart” a search for the word investment begs the question whether we are willing to part with our money or fall prey to a get-rich-quick scheme;
  5. “Checks & New Balances” explores what to do when it doesn’t come in your size and asks: do you have enough in your savings to make your dreams come true;
  6. Life happens and the career chosen may not be the one you are in now.  In “iJob iJob” the effect on your lifestyle comes to the fore;
  7. “Dublup” – the dangers of taking shortcuts on the way to financial freedom are addressed;
  8. “Scammers Gonna Scam” – in two parts – just how many scams are there and what to watch out for when it comes to managing your money; and

Further Faster wraps up with a final episode of motivation to achieve financial freedom.

PPS’ Graduate Division has been actively involved with various university projects across South Africa since 2013, providing bursaries, contributing to building refurbishments, sponsorships and conducting class presentations on financial planning.

“PPS is built on the ethos of mutuality and provides current and prospective graduate professionals with financial planning, investment and insurance solutions that address their specialised needs. As a company, we are committed to helping graduate professionals shape their financial future which is critical for shaping South Africa’s economy”, concludes Aldrich.

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