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PPS Honours Women With an Empowering Campaign

Thu, 13/12/2018 - 10:12

PPS, the financial services company focused exclusively on graduate professionals, has launched its new “Women acknowledged” campaign, aimed at up and coming, young as well as established women professionals.  The campaign, conceptualised to open dialogue about the stereotypes that women face in the workplace, aims to present a different viewpoint to the way professionally qualified women are viewed in society.


With its provocative and honest style, the campaign tackles the labels that disempower women by re-formulating them in an empowering way, challenging age-old bias.


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Each piece in the “Women acknowledged” series commences with a disempowering statement, which is then countered by an empowered statement. The campaign will focus on women in some of the main careers that make up the PPS membership base, namely engineering, academia, accounting, architecture, law, medicine and dietetics. 


“Irrespective of their qualification, female professionals are not treated as equals to their male counterparts because they are seen as women before being seen professionals,” says Ayanda Seboni, Group Executive: Brand, Marketing & Communications at PPS.


PPS’s motivation with the campaign is to celebrate the achievements of female professionals and female graduates in South Africa, and recognise them for the role they play in their respective industries.


They have specifically chosen to launch the Women’s campaign at the end of Women’s month, as they believe that the empowerment of women shouldn’t be contained to a dedicated month, but should rather form part of an ongoing focus recognising this issue as an everyday challenge.


According to Stats SA, women make-up 51.7% of the population compared to 48.2% of men. Likewise, there are more women graduating at South African universities than men. However, women occupy only 44% of skilled posts and this figure hasn’t changed much over the years.  


The strength of women in South Africa is well documented starting with the march on 9 August 1956 to the Union buildings, and continues today with awareness of gender-based crimes and marginalisation. The campaign is therefore well positioned to shine a light on issues that are close to women’s hearts.  


“PPS is passionate about women and their success across industries. With this campaign, we hope to encourage women to break the glass ceiling and to create a community of professionals who can benefit from each other’s successes regardless of gender. At PPS we believe that success is better shared by helping women to achieve their financial goals for prosperity,” concludes Seboni.


The campaign will be launched on print publications, digital media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, YouTube) and websites. For more information contact PPS at marketing@pps.co.za or visit www.pps.co.za/success.

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