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PPS Foundation calls on the public to ‘pay it forward’ and help educate future graduate professionals

Mon, 21/12/2020 - 11:25

The festive season has always been a time for putting the needs of others above our own by sharing the little we have with those who are in unfortunate positions. The PPS Foundation, a public benefit organisation (PBO), has reintroduced its ‘pay it forward’ campaign where members of the public can contribute towards the Foundation’s vision to nurture the potential of future graduate professionals.

“Amidst the challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, the PPS Foundation found itself in the fortunate position of being able to continue its work in the higher learning setting. This was also made possible through financial contributions made throughout the year by our primary donor PPS Insurance and individuals who share the same sentiment with our mandate and vision to nurture the potential of South Africa’s youth” says Masenyane Molefe, Executive Trustee of the PPS Foundation.

PPS Foundation is once again calling on PPS members, the public and corporates to donate towards programmes that will advance South Africa’s rising empowered young graduate professionals via its safe and secure donations platform which can be accessed at https://ppsfoundation.pps.co.za/.

A benefit to donors when donating is that they can reduce their tax liability before the end of tax season on 28 February 2021. All donors who donate R100 or more to the PPS Foundation will receive a Section 18A certificate and could qualify for a tax deduction of 10% of the taxpayer’s taxable income.

Programmes offered by the Foundation are aimed at improving the teaching and learning experiences in the tertiary education environment, specifically the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. Over the years, the Foundation has empowered students for their academic excellence by comprehensively funding their tuition through its bursary programme. The organisation has also helped wipe historical debt of students who were facing financial exclusion or the prospect of not being able to graduate. Through these activities and support, members of the public are implored to make financial donations and support the vision to increase the reach and impact to as many beneficiaries as possible.

During the pandemic, the PPS Foundation also took the initiative to address social issues beyond the lecture room. This included tackling food insecurity within the student community, partnering with academic institutions to supply students working on the frontline with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as well as providing students with limited resources with digital devices and data during the transition e-learning.

“Since its inception in 2016, the PPS Foundation has seen its efforts in the sustainable development of South Africa communities deliver quality results. We want to build on the learnings gathered from our experiences in 2020 and encourage fellow South Africans to pay it forward and donate today,” concludes Molefe.

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