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Living Annuity

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The Living Annuity helps you to effectively manage your retirement savings after you have retired and make your savings last longer.

Opportunity for continued investment growth by reinvesting your accumulated retirement savings.

Choose how much you want to withdraw from your retirement savings (between 2.5% and 17.5% of your investment value annually) and how often you receive these payments

Any remaining capital value in your is paid directly to your nominated beneficiaries in the event of your death

Change your annuity structure once a year according to your personal circumstances and change your fund allocation at any time without incurring any transaction costs.

Invest for your retirement savings in a combination of funds that suit your specific needs from our premium fund range.

The more a PPS member invests with us, the more profit share they earn.

PPS members can also earn additional profit share by linking their child(ren) and/or spouse’s OPN investment solutions to their PPS number.

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Vested PPS Profit-Share Account

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As a PPS member, you have the unique opportunity to keep your PPS Profit-Share Account assets invested for longer and enjoy continued growth using the Vested PPS-Profit Share Account.

From PPS Profit-Share Account to the Vested PPS Profit-Share Account

After 60, the profits you’ve accumulated through the PPS Profit-Share Account over the course of your PPS membership may become accessible via the Vested PPS Profit-Share Account. Once your PPS Profit-Share account has vested, you are then able to utilise your accumulated profits in the Vested PPS Profit-Share Account as part of your retirement planning.

Augment your retirement savings by reinvesting your Vested PPS Profit-Share Account assets to generate further returns for capital growth.

Supplement your retirement income with withdrawals from your Vested PPS Profit-Share Account.

Most taxable growth (interest, net rental income and foreign dividends) is taxed at 30% for individuals, while local dividends are taxed at 20% and realised capital gains at 12%.

The proceeds of a withdrawal are tax-free in your hands and you are not responsible for tax reporting.

Continue sharing in the PPS profits attributable to PPS Investments.

The proceeds of your Vested PPS Profit-Share Account will flow directly to your beneficiaries and not via your estate upon your death. The funds will form part of the estate duty, but the executor’s fees will be lower.

How do I invest?

PPS Investments recommends that you consult an independent financial adviser regarding your specific situation if you require financial and/or investment advice. Alternatively, leave your details and our client service centre can CALL YOU BACK to put you in touch with an adviser.

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