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The PPS mission and mandate makes us an irreplaceable

defender of the interests of the professionals in

South Africa and Namibia. As such, the Group complies

with all relevant legislation and regulation and we have

updated our corporate governance practices to align

with the King IV™ Code principles.

In terms of the Companies Act and the King IV™

Code, PPS is governed through a unitary structure

that includes a main board, subsidiary boards and

their subcommittees. All boards and the committees

operate within the parameters of approved charters

and terms of reference, which are reviewed periodically.

Furthermore, all boards and committees are supported

by the company secretary and a well-resourced

company secretariat.


Considering the major strides PPS made in 2018, on

behalf of our trustees and PPS entities, I thank Izak Smit,

our CEO, and his executive team, for continuing to

prepare and position PPS as the preferred provider

of premium risk, financial and investment products to

professionals in South Africa, Namibia and Australia.

Izak and the team can lead, but would achieve little

without the proactive support of PPS people across

the Group. Thank you, one and all.

PPS would not exist at all without the active subscription

and support of our members, who motivate us to keep

on aiming higher. Thank you for entrusting us with your

financial wellbeing.

Last and by no means least, I extend my gratitude to my

predecessor in this chair, Ebi Moolla, for his guidance,

Dr Mannie Kruger, my deputy, and our fellow trustees

who are a fount of wise counsel. I must also thank

my family for their wholehearted support in this new

journey to sustain professional excellence.

Dr Sybil Seoka


2 April 2019