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Who is PPS Investments?

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PPS Investments is the preferred investment management services provider for graduate professionals and their families. We offer a suite of transparent and flexible investment solutions geared towards the creation and management of long-term intergenerational wealth.
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When you invest with us (as a qualifying member) you will receive profit allocations based on your investment portfolio. The more assets invested with us, the more profit allocations you could earn. Earn additional PPS Profit-Share allocations when you link qualifying family members to your investment.
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The PPS Investments Family Network enables your family to invest with each other to build your family’s wealth.
When you invest as a family with us, you and your family members could benefit from a reduced administration fee. The more you and your family invest with us, the more everyone benefits. 

Not a PPS Member? The OPN range of investment solutions is available to all discerning investors, who do not a qualify for PPS membership.
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What is investing?

In simple terms, investing is putting money into financial instruments with the aim of growing it. There are various ways to go about investing including putting money in unit trusts or investing directly in shares, with each investment instrument having its own positives and negatives. What works for another investor, may not work for you. It’s best to map out your financial goals as part of a bigger financial plan to align to your unique circumstances. Financial advisers are best placed to consult with and provide guidance in making financial decisions.

What is a Unit Trust?

Also called a fund, a unit trust is a collective investment that pools money from many investors to invest in various asset classes. These funds are managed by portfolio managers on your behalf. Unit trusts offer an easily accessible alternative than investing directly in the stock market, while benefiting from the expertise of portfolio managers.

What is the difference between a single- and multi-managed fund?

In simple terms, a single-managed fund is managed by one asset manager with specialist skills. A multi-managed fund is a combination of carefully selected asset managers – each with unique skills and expertise – blended into a single composite fund.

PPS Multi-Managers investment options

Through our multi-manager philosophy and in-depth research, you gain access to the country’s top asset managers combined into one fund. We blend an appropriate combination of investment styles from asset managers that are best suited to take advantage of opportunities at different times in the cycle, offering optimal diversification that will augment your portfolio.

We employ both a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research to filter through the investment universe and fraternity of asset managers to offer a carefully constructed range of funds across risk profiles from premium asset managers. Part of the selection process is to gain deeper insights into their investment process, approach and strategies in order to have absolute confidence in their ability to generate solid future returns.

Through our multi-manager process, we:

  • Partner with exceptional asset managers with demonstrable track records to construct robust investments strategies.
  • Play to the asset managers’ strengths by allocating bespoke mandates. While there may be periods where their style is out of favour, we’ve deliberately combined different managers to accommodate such performance.
  • Follow a disciplined and repeatable process and have been successfully managing multi-manager funds for more than a decade. Our investment team follows a disciplined regular process. An independent investment policy committee has oversight on all investment decisions proposed by the investment team and reports directly to the PPS Investments Board. The structure deliberately forces consistency and rigour on the investment process.
  • Offer an appropriate range of funds suitable for investors across the risk spectrum.

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PPS Partnership investment options

The PPS Partnership Fund Range comprises single-managed funds that are managed by boutique asset managers that offer a bespoke range of expertly managed funds through exclusive partnership agreements. We believe that these asset managers will add great value through their proven investment philosophies, experience and expertise.

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Third party investment options

Through our platform, you have access to a carefully selected range of third party funds to choose from allowing you further opportunity to diversify. Investing this way make sense as it offers less administration than dealing with more than one provider and it offers  a consolidated view of your portfolio.

Fund Fact Sheet

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So, what are your investment goals?

How do I invest?

Consult your financial adviser for tailor-made guidance. Alternatively, click here and we will call you CALL YOU BACK

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