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Vision and Mission


To be an exclusive organisation of graduate professionals, belonging to its members, which provides exceptional insurance benefits and a range of financial services to members, their families, and associates. We further strive to provide peace of mind, security and consequently wealth for our members during their working lives and in retirement. 


It is our mission to enhance the financial security of our members and we aim to ensure that, from a financial perspective, they can live the lives they want to live.

We deliver on this mission having evolved into a diversified financial services group that not only provides exceptional insurance benefits – both long and short term – but also investments, fiduciary services and

various wealth and advisory services especially designed for graduate professionals. We help our members to secure their current and future financial positions by providing peace of mind throughout their professional careers and during their retirement years.

Value Proposition

Value Proposition​​​

​​Our members have a unique value proposition by belonging to PPS, as they receive all the profits of the company. Upon retirement, they qualify for a lump sum payout of all the accumulated profits.

Following the financial year end, PPS makes allocations to its members' PPS Profit-Share Accounts - the vehicle that accumulates PPS members' profit allocations. PPS's member surpluses are calculated so that members are rewarded for the PPS products they hold – the more qualifying products members have with PPS, the greater their allocations. Members can track the accumulation of profits in their accounts via their benefit statements.

PPS’s values

At PPS, we believe that what we value drives our behaviour. We live by three core values:

  • We take extreme ownership. Our people are empowered to deliver service excellence to our members, and we encourage leadership in all areas of the business.
  • We are eternally curious. We are not satisfied with the status quo and are driven by the goal of constantly improving the solutions we offer to our members. We are committed to innovation, giving staff the licence to experiment while recognising and responding to our members’ unique, complex, and changing needs.
  • We do the right thing. We conduct our business with empathy, authenticity and with the highest standards of ethics, fairness, governance, and respect for all.

Our professional focus

Professional focus is another defining PPS characteristic.

We are very discerning about granting membership. Only graduate professionals with a qualifying postgraduate degree are eligible to become members. This applies across all industries and professions, making PPS a leader in the professional segment.

Not only are our products, services and solutions specifically tailored to meet our members’ needs, but financial advisers also undergo a strict selection and accreditation process to ensure that they are suitably qualified to market and sell our products. PPS-accredited financial advisers have industry-specific knowledge that enables them to offer informed advice on the specific issues and challenges our members face.

Last, but not least, PPS’s membership profile significantly reduces our business risk, ultimately enhancing returns to members.


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    PPS offers tailor-made insurance, investment and healthcare solutions exclusively for graduate professionals with an honours level*/equivalent or higher qualification, from a public institution or certain listed private institutions.

    *Honours level equivalent qualification includes certain BTechs, 3 year undergraduate degrees or diplomas plus a postgraduate qualification or professional designation.
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