Life, Sickness & Disability products

PPS exists to pay claims and our products are specifically developed to take care of various needs, such as taking care of your income if you cannot work due to sickness or incapacity, or providing a lump-sum so that you can cover the treatment of a critical illness.

Short-Term Insurance

Car, Home & Business Insurance. Exclusive to the graduate professional.

At PPS Short-Term Insurance, we understand that you have worked hard to accomplish your goals and we take pride in ensuring your assets and your future are well protected.

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Financial peace of mind is attainable when you choose the right partner and appropriate solutions for your investment goals.

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Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

PPS Financial Planning now offers trust and estate planning, the drafting of wills and the safe custody thereof, estate administration, trust deed drafting and administration, and trust beneficiary care services for minor beneficiaries.

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Credit Card

Bolster your Profit Share and enjoy rewards, discounts and exclusive benefits by adding a PPS Credit Card to your product suite. Just another way we’re making more out of your membership at PPS.

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Payment Solutions

High-performance businesses are built on solutions that give them an advantage. Our Payment Solutions packages are designed to give you that advantage through leading technology and lower rates*.

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Medical Aid

Profmed's medical and healthcare benefits, coupled with excellent service and attention to detail, are offered at affordable rates.

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Giving you

Transfer your tax free savings to us for more reasons to smile.

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Integrated Report 2017

PPS members enjoy more than just professional cover. In 2017, our members enjoyed their share of R3.7 billion allocated to their unique Profit-Share Accounts, further reinforcing our passion for mutuality. In fact, in the past financial year, our group assets* accumulated to R35.3 billion, proving that success is better, shared.